The MRC-Wellcome Trust Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR) is organised from two sites: the Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle, and the Institute of Child Health, London. The HDBR is an ongoing collection of human embryonic and fetal material ranging from 3 to 20 weeks of development.

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About the HDBR

The HDBR was established in 1999 in line with the ethical guidelines laid out in the Polkinghorne Report (Review of the Guidance on the Research Use of Fetuses and Fetal Material, 1989). More recently, we have been licensed as a tissue bank at each site by the Human Tissue Authority...

Brain Sequencing Data

HDBR EXPRESSION is a new online resource for studying human prenatal brain development. For a description of the dissections used to prepare the cortical slices see “Cortical regions explanatory notes” PDF. The supplementary tables with details of all the tissues and omics data generated...

Enabling human development research and understanding of congenital disease